Thali Streetfood, Indian Restaurant, Stockport

It has been summer for a little while. It has been too summery with heatwaves galore and complaints of it being too hot, too hot to leave the house. Luckily this weekend the temperature was down a tad but still hot and sunny.

I had wanted to go to Thali for a while, I drive past it every day. I wasn’t sure though because you just don’t know the quality of a place. I waited for reviews. There were a few bad takeaway reviews. How much can you trust these things? Some people are just being dicks. Some positive reviews are fake. My friend, who is a veggie, said it was fantastic. That was sorted then, I had to get there. I could have stopped in after work but I think I preferred to try to walk there so it would have to be a weekend visit. It is in a borough of Stockport called Poynton that is next to my area of Hazel Grove. According to google maps it is 3.5 miles from home. Ach. I had to do it. It would burn off a lot of the calories from the meal. Off I went one Sunday lunch time with my rucksack containing my camera.

A thali is a tray used to serve small portions of different foods. Sometimes they are moulded with depressions for the foods or, as in this case, they can be a round serving tray with little containers. The meals are generally balanced with veg, rice, bread, meat, fish and sometimes a sweet. The restaurant had several options from a cheaper basic thali which was vegetarian to an express thali with vegetarian, meat or mixed versions and larger thali’s with regional variations.

The place is pretty nice. It is covered in plastic flowers which make it bright and colourful. Sounds tacky but it’s okay, nicer than the previous restaurant on the site.

After quite a wait my mixed thali arrived and I was very pleased. I did think of having just the thali deal for £8.95. I didn’t want to splash out £20 so I went in the middle to try a few different things. I had asked the waiter how much food was involved. I struggle to eat very much these days so I didn’t want to make myself ill. The express has 7 dishes compared to 8 for the full thalis.

To some it may not look much but by the gods I was stuffed as fuck by the end. At 6 o’clock is the chicken pakora; 4 o’clock is the keralan fish; 2 o’clock is the chickpea, obvs; rice at the top; 10 o’clock is chicken karahi; 8 o’clock is the gobi (cauliflower) . There is naan in the basket.

It was all amazing. I don’t generally have pilau rice, it’s just undercooked, however this was lovely. The chicken karahi reminded me of my mum’s curry. I was a bit worried about the fish curry as my mum makes a fish curry and it always gives me an upset tummy. This didn’t. The gobi had a bit of a chilli kick and I nearly choked. I don’t do chilli. Even so it was yummy. The naan was soft and chewy and tasty. It did get a bit crisp and dry by the time I finished. I started with the pakora and ate half of each dish, had a rest and went round again to finish. I though it would actually be enough for two but I don’t think they would be happy if you shared one order. If I ordered the full thali I might have died. In fact when I’d done my first round I was tempted to ask them to box the rest. I persevered and finished it all though.

I would recommend Thali highly.

After stuffing my face I had to contend with the three mile walk home, in the heat. I had walked a few metres out of Poynton centre when I remembered the Poynton lake and park. I went to the entrance and then turned back then went in then went back and finally went in properly. I was snapping photos all the way around till my camera died. People actually live on the shore and their back gardens open onto the lake. Lucky sods. It looked glorious in the sun. It would be dramatic in a storm.

There were lot of geese, ducks and coots around. It was a bit worrying with the big ass geese as I kept thinking of those videos of people getting attacked by the buggers. These ones were okay and just moved out of the way. When I walked towards the shore the birds would swim closer and even come out. I suspect people have been feeding them and they were expecting it. Not from me dudes. They went off disappointed.

All in all it was a lovely day.


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