Lowry Hotel Afternoon Tea, Manchester

I needed a treat.

The Lowry’s River Restaurant had had a total refurb and it looked stunning on photos. This was the day I went to buy an afternoon tea stand too.

The main bar area was stunning. I said to the barman how nice it would be to lounge there for a while nursing a drink. The whole refurb was amazing.

I wasn’t sure about the chairs but they were pretty comfortable.

A great view

The tea came


The sandwiches were all great. The flavours jumped out. Right is a honey glazed gammon with chipotle mayo. The mayo had a real kick. I couldn’t really taste the ham. I liked it generally. The middle was salmon with lemon and dill creme fraiche and rocket. The left was whipped blue cheese, walnut, celery and pea salad. This was stunningly yummy. The cheese flavour was nice and strong. I love nibbling the pea shoots too.

milk chocolate cremeux with passion fruit and yoghurt
Manchester tart
After 8 delice

All the sweets were utterly gorgeous. I loved them. The Manchester tart really stood out as the best one. It was also the one which hit my stomach and made me feel really full.

The scone was great. I asked for another one which was a mistake as it was far too much for my little stomach. I did finish it all but felt quite uncomfortable. Damn you tiny tummy! I was going to ask for a Bailey’s coffee but I wouldn’t be able to take it.

At the end I lounged in the chair. It was so pleasant. I felt I should have had a whisky or brandy or something in hand. If you know Dave Allen, the comedian, he sat like that on his show back in the day.

I said to the waitress how nice it all was, one of the nicest I’ve had. I thanked her/the restaurant for such a nice afternoon.

I left and went to Sofas and Stuff and saw some amazing, comfortable and expensive seating. I looked for chairs like the ones in the Lowry but they had none. I was taken by a single chair that I could have lived on it was so nice. My next stop was House Of Fraser to buy the teastand.

I’ve done really well with my days out recently.


  1. Looks good. I think I’m going to have to head there soon. Love the new vibrant coloured furniture but obviously it’s all about the cakes.

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