Norbury Farm cafe afternoon tea, Stockport

I visited here once before on one of my walks and had some lovely cake. I found they did afternoon.

The day I went seemed rushed, I can’t remember why. I had done x or needed to do y and had to get home for it. It was a rainy day and I was a bit anxious about not being able to go for a walk. Yes I could have still gone for a soggy walk but I’m quite a fairweather walker so stuff that. I felt a bit guilty about driving there too but it had to be done.

How lovely

I love the place. I wish I could work somewhere like this. I think it might have been a stable or barn maybe. The floors are stone flags and I would have them in my new house if they weren’t such hard work to look after.

The car park is small but I got a space, I ‘m not sure where you are allowed to park if the main bit is full. I too the above photo and as I walked to the door the chef said hello.

The cake display is right there as you enter the cafe and I had a look at what else was available. I was taken to my table, a small table rather than me taking up a big table and then getting looks from people having to wait for me to finish.

The tea arrived.

How cute

I thought, “is that it?” It was more sandwich than cake too. There is only one piece of Victoria sponge. Once I started I loved it. There were two salmon sandwiches. Two! All the butties were lovely in fact better than at some high end places. The woman you can see on the right made some positive comments about the tea.

The cake was a decent size and was yummy. The scone was generous. They served whipped cream rather than clotted which is fine. The jam was Bonne Maman.

I was very full, surprisingly. It was from the sandwiches.

The place made me think of Cheers where everybody knows your name. Or League Of Gentlemen, a local shop for local people. The visitors were regulars and they all knew the waitresses by name and vice versa. It was all quite white too apart from the one black waitress who spoke to everyone. I still felt a little out of place. There were no issues but just my feelings.

It was a pleasant afternoon tea in a lovely place on a dreary day. The black waitress remembered me from my last visit and my two cakes. I said I would be trying to work my way through the offerings. I gave compliments on the afternoon tea.

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