Brooklyn Hotel Afternoon Tea

Manchester art gallery has finally reopened. It was a rainy day and I went straight to the gallery. I had to sign in with the NHS Covid app for tracking tracing even though it apparently doesn’t work. You’ve got to get on with it and do what’s right. Everyone visiting had to wear a mask but I didn’t steam up too much once my specs got acclimatised. I loved being back there. They had a couple of new exhibitions and some of the same old (literally) stuff.

I’ve been reading Invisible Women by Caroline Priado Perez. As I walked around I kept thinking, “Where are all the women artists?” There was one installation that I saw and about six paintings. It was maybe 90% male artists. It’s a reflection of society back in those days but surely the gallery could gather together what they had or acquire things to display.

After a lovely time there I walked the few soggy metres to Hotel Brooklyn. I went in and was taken to my table. The restaurant was sadly empty apart from staff. It was a nice place.

I had pre booked the Brooklyn afternoon tea.

As in Gotham they just gave me a two person tea. What I got, from the top, was a beef slider, smoked salmon and prawn bagel, cajun chicken wrap, brownie and a carrot cake. There was a blueberry smoothie, scone and clotted cream. It was all fantastic. I don’t go for non traditional teas usually. I’m glad I went for this. I managed to eat one of each of the savouries and all the sweets. The brownie and carrot cake were lush. The smoothie was addictive. The scone was great. I had asked for a Baileys coffee. I explained I needed it just so. Decaf, no milk, a tiny layer of cream. Unlike Mamucium they, it was a joint effort, did it perfectly. It was the nicest I can remember.

I had a lovely chat with the waitress about afternoon teas we’d had. Someone confident and smooth might have asked if she wanted to go for one sometime but I’m me and I didn’t. Not every conversation is a missed opportunity, they’re just conversations.

As I left I told the waitress and the barmaid that the Baileys was amazing.

I would so recommend coming here. I will try the traditional tea next time.

I had such a nice day doing things I love to do. It was a break from the rest of life, an escape. I had enough food left for lunch the next day.


  1. The New York tea does look far more interesting than the traditional afternoon tea. I quite enjoy the occasional deviation from the usual. The Radisson Edwardian ised to do an amazing gentleman’s afternoon tea which was fantastic on a cold day. No cakes but it started with mini fish n chips, Yorkshire pudding with roast beef and a pork pie – all mini sized – then sandwiches and then a round if scones. I only had it once and they no longer offer it.

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    • I can’t bring myself to get gentleman’s afternoon tea, I like sweet too much. I highly recommend The Radisson afternoon tea now. I have also posted about that and a dessert I had there.

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