Mamucium Classic Menu

Yes I’ve gone back to Mamucium again. It’s amazing how little variety there is in life. You do the same things despite all the options out there. There was a chance to eat from their classic menu because they were doing £10 off the bill so I went back.

I’d gone to see Bill and Ted and had a chuckle. I smiled through most of the film. It was sweet, funny and a pleasant watch.

I can split the meal into 4 unequal parts. First I had the burrata with nduja crumb and rocket. It looked great. The waitress remembered me and I remembered her from when I visited the cafe section last year.

1/4 I’m thrilled by burrata, it’s cheese and cream. The cheese was cold so I didn’t get the full taste experience. The nduja, rocket, asparagus and glaze were great.

2/4 Next the highlight and one of the best pasta dishes I’ve had. I don’t do stringy pasta like linguine or spaghetti as it is messy and annoying but I was drawn to this dish more than any other. It’s wild garlic and pesto linguine.

It was fantastic and moreish. There was great garlic flavour. The pesto was fantastic and there was a tasty bit of oil in the bowl. The tomatoes and asparagus were yummy. It was a big portion too. The menu said roasted pine nuts and I was disappointed there weren’t any visible. I asked the waitress for a few. She went and asked but the chefs said the nuts were ground in the pesto.

It’s one of those menus where they say a few key ingredients with no details. You don’t know what you’ll get exactly. I felt a little embarrassed. I was getting a bit tetchy for some reason. The waitress was on her own dealing with a few table so it took a while to get seen to. I was on a countdown to get the train. I was a little disappointed by the first course too and wished I gone for something else. I was seeing other dishes going to people and they looked great but not my thing, I still had food envy though. I tried not to let my feelings show.

3/4 I went for an almond roulade for dessert.

It didn’t blow me away. The meringue had gone a bit soggy and jelly like. There wasn’t that much flavour. The ice cream was fine.

4/4 I’d asked for a Mozart coffee, like a Baileys coffee but with Mozart, the Austrian version of Baileys. The girl wasn’t sure how to make it so I explained what I wanted. She still had to serve on her own so it took awhile for the drink to come. I left half my dessert so I could have them together. I could see she wasn’t making it the way I wanted. I didn’t have the heart to tell her. I didn’t want her to throw out what she’d done, it’s a waste. Someone else would have told her. I was annoyed with the whole situation. When she brought it over I feigned excitement. It wasn’t exciting. There was a thick layer of cream on top, I asked for a thin layer. She’d put steamed milk in and I don’t remember seeing that before. I spooned some of the cream onto the dessert and it suddenly tasted great. I left about a quarter of it which is me wasting things I guess. Why is it that the thing that was wrong gets the most words? I don’t usually write negative things but I generally feel it at the moment.

In the end it all still came to 20 something quid. I could have done without 3 of the items and saved a bit of money and disappointment.

I was pleasant to the girl and said it was nice to see her again and I would be back for afternoon tea. That at least is pretty good.

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