Pre Covid19 closure goodies in Manchester

There are sad and horrible things going on due to the Covid19 pandemic. My bestie has  health issues so I am worried for her. I work in healthcare so have worries about that too. This is a bit of trivial, light relief.

I’m a bit distraught about the lockdown. My main joys in life were going to the pictures and eating out. The cinemas were closed then the restaurants and cafes closed. Some are doing takeaway and delivery so I got a takeaway on Saturday from a little Sicilian place near my mum’s. Lovely it was too. I won’t be doing it too often though, I feel doughy already.

A lot of jerks have been stockpiling toilet paper and more food than they could eat. I have been filling  freezer bags with cakes and pastries from various bakeries. Support the local and independent business. I managed to get this afternoon tea from Bisous Bisous just before they closed for the duration. Towards the end they only did takeaway.


It was gorgeous.

I’d been out so much before the closedown and here are some yummies.

kala (4)

This was Kala, a restaurant from Gary Usher. He was in that day as well I think. It’s tres leches cake. If like leches you can tres of them. I wasn’t sure about ordering it but I though I might as well try it. It was gorgeous. The milk it was sitting in was addictive. The sorbet was fantastic.

After this I really fancied something else. I went to El Gato Negro. I met the woman who used to be manager of Grafene. I asked for the brownie. I perused the cocktail menu. I decided to get a mocktail but asked if they could add a shot of limoncello. I got to sit at the kitchen bar.

elgatonegro (24)

The woman who was next to me with her boyfriend kept looking over at the weird guy who just ordered a dessert and cocktail. My friend was amused I’d ordered that as she remembered that’s what I did at Grafene.

I went ot the newish Allotment vegan in Manchester.allotment (1)

This is hazelnut slice. It looks a bit underwhelming but it tasted great. I think the ice cream was coconut. The coffee was overwhelming and I could drink half of it.

I went vegan again as I found Alvarium. They had a rhubarb something on. It was chocolate fudge slice. I got a cocktail too.

alvarium (1)

I finally got to Dakota Grill at the stunning Dakota Hotel. I decided to have the coffee creme brulee and a Baileys coffee. The waiter gave me a tour of the ground floor too.

dakotagrill (16)

It was a mixed bag. The brulee didn’t taste too much of coffee. The texture was great. The Baileys coffee was okay. The setting is incredible. The brulee from Kingstreet Townhouse was much better.

kingstreet townhouse (5)

I went to The Plaza in Stockport with my bestie. I’ve wanted to try their Cheshire rarebit for a while.


It was nice enough. We got dessert.


I got Manchester tart which is pastry, pastry cream, banana and coconut. It was lovely. Avice got a roulade which she loved but I thought it was just okay.

I went to my friends cafe in Stockport, Tandem Coffee. I got a caramel brownie.


It was gorgeous. My friend wasn’t in that day. She’s the subject of this Hello Stranger .

I went to the new Northern Quarter branch of Salvi’s and asked for dessert and coffee. I wanted to try my tiny bit of Italian but only got to say, “grazie mille, ciao” as I left. I got tiramisu and gorgeous it was too.


Yes it’s an empty glass.

I went to Flour Water Salt in Macclesfield. I ordered the orange tart. and hot chocolate.


It was okay. The chocolate was a bit disappointing. The texture of the tart was a little off, the chocolate crust was really nice on it’s own. I annoyed the waitress as I asked for food to take away. I asked for one thing which she went round the back of the counter to get and brought to me. I stood there for a moment thinking and asked for something else. She asked me if that was the last thing and then walked round again. She bagged the item and asked again if that was it. She came back round. I was so tempted to say, “Oh just one more thing.” I think I would have been slapped or kicked out.

Most of these place have closed. Hopefully the measures the government has put in place means they will be able to survive till the situation improves. I will be in my first world problem state of anxiety trying to visit them all and all the others I haven’t been to yet.



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