Bisous Bisous afternoon tea, Chorlton, Manchester

Bisous Bisous are a highly rated French patisserie. They have shops in Didsbury and Deansgate. They have just opened a sit in cafe and boy was I excited. I think it’s what the place’s fans have been wanting and finally it’s arrived.

Itison (one of those voucher sites) had an offer and I bought one to take my bestie for her birthday. I have trepidations about taking her out at this time of year. Two years ago she had  a brain aneurism and died a couple of times. I had taken her to Great John Street Hotel for afternoon tea.

I drove us to Chorltons famed Beech Road. It’s lovely however the elements were against us. It was cold and damp and rainy.

I wasn’t sure I liked the look of the place. The pictures on Instagram looked gorgeous but in real life it was kind of plain and empty looking.  There are a lot of large windows and because of the weather it made the inside look a bit dull. There were a few moments of sunshine and you could see that on a sunny day it would be gorgeous.


I did love the gold touches and the cute pink chairs and table at the window.

This is a gorgeous view.


Very art deco, my other go to style. I love art nouveau mainly. So the decor grew on me.

I chose chocolate noir tea. It’s not chocolate it just  has the colour of chocolate. I wasn’t impressed initially but as it cooled a bit the flavours came out and I liked it. My friend went for the lemon and ginger tea I think. They have a small selection of teas, quite a few coffees, hot chocolate and also beer and wine! Get sloshed with your afternoon tea. I suppose you could do that anywhere but this is a little cafe so it felt more special for some reason.

The cute waitress brought the stand. It’s a lovely stand and it weighed a tonne.


Tres beau, non?


The tables are bit small for all the stuff. Lovely cutlery.

I had emailed to reserve the table and asked if they could not serve any goat’s cheese whatevers. We got quiche Lorraine or kitsch Lorraine as I can’t help thinking and salmon kitsch. There are savoury eclairs which were yummy. One had salmon and the other ham.

The choux buns on the right were carrot cake flavours. There’s chocolate brownie. I think pineapple and coconut macarons. I forget what the other things are. I should have made notes. Everything else was fantastic too. Avice loved it all. My least favourite was the brownie, it just didn’t do it for me, there was something lacking. I think it wasn’t fudgey enough, too cakey.

I didn’t like that there was only one of some items. Why not just give two of each and fewer things overall? I cut them in half so problem solved.

It was all great but I think I’d built it up too much. I’d definitely go again though. I don’t know what the full price is as Itison didn’t seem to say what the reduction was but it cost me £26. You only get one hot drink, not unlimited. We did however ask for a hot water top up for our teapots and that was okay.

 We were debating where the waitress was from. China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea? Nope. We asked her and she’s Mongolian! She’s the first Mongolian we’d knowingly met. We had a nice chat.

I wish I could work as a pastry chef in such a place. They often advertise for apprentices and I keep wanting to ask if they’d take a 46 year old apprentice but I’m qualified and I think they want a newbie. I haven’t worked at it so essentially I  am new to it.

We had a walk around along Beech Road, it was a bit dreary and most of the shops were closed as it was Monday. Avice still managed to spend some money and she bought me Marou chocolate bar from a lovely deli down the road. We vowed to go on another day when it was all open.


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