La Bandera, Manchester

I went here last month during the 50% offer season. I’d heard a lot about it on the net but some of it had been so-so so I hadn’t bothered going. I then saw a decent write up and with the offer on I decided to go.

I think I’d been to see 1917. Brilliant film. I whizzed over to the restauran. I was a bit worried about the reservation being there because, life. I was greeted by the gorgeous waitress and asked if I was down for the offer. I felt a bit awkward asking as it seems a bit mercenary and greedy but they put the offer on and people take advantage. In fact the restaurant was pretty full, I suspect they all used the reduction.

The decor was pleasant, bright yellow and sunny. I was tucked in the corner. I spent a while trying to decide what to have and what would give room for dessert. There was a good choice of food. I went for the croquetas del dia which was squid ink, bacalao embarrado and escaldon. The croquetas were stunning.

labandera (3)

There were four of them. The Escaldon was next.

labandera (4)

It’s made of gofio, a flour of roasted grains from the Canaries which is mixed with fish stock to make a thick paste. It don’t look much but it was lovely and I was scraping it from the mortar. Incidentally the mortar weighed a tonne and the staff have to carry it along with other dishes. Impressive.

Then it went downhill. As I said I had ordered the salt cod. I had said the Spanish name. The waiter brought a dish full of potatoes, so many I woudln’t have been able to eat them. I said I hadn’t ordered that. He took it away and after a minute the woman came over and said I had ordered that. I pointed at the bacalao on the menu. I apologised that my pronunciation wasn’t great. The potatoes are called papas arrugadas which I can see could sound similar to the bacalao. The fish stew arrived and it was okay. I don’t know why bacalao doesn’t blow me away. I keep trying it to find that dish that will.

labandera (5)

It looks nice though.

So then I was abandoned, so it seemed. It seemed the waiter and the lovely waitress wouldn’t even look at me. I sat there for ages. My dish was eventually removed. I asked for the dessert menu. I waited and waited. I was thinking of paying and leaving. I managed to catch the eye of the waitress. I ordered another gofio dish. It was a sort of chocolate mousse. labandera (6)

It too was yummy.

I asked for the bill. I think I sat there for an age again. The bill came and they had forgotten the dessert. Being honest I pointed this out. Some people would not have. She brought the new bill, I paid and left and had to hot foot it to Piccadilly station before peak fare time. They’d delayed me by at least 20 minutes.

I don’t know if I would go there again. The food was mainly great, I was really annoyed. The menu is enticing though. They do a reduced price lunch menu which is pretty good value. I might leave it for a while longer till they forget me although I don’t know how many single Indian men they get through their doors.

I do actually recommend the place.

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