Dishoom, Manchester

I’d been doing some mental gymnastics over the weekend. I had a couple of days off giving me four days away from work. I wanted to see three films. Spiderman Into The Spiderverse, for the second time, Stan And Ollie and Colette. I wanted to go out to eat somewhere or other at some point. Spiderman is one of the best films I’ve seen, which is why I saw it a second time and it was more enjoyable that time. Stan And Ollie was quite good. It was a bit flat to start with but then at one point I really got into it.  Colette was also quite good. It was pretty naughty too. Those people got up to some hanky panky, lucky them.

There have been two highly anticipated openings in Manchester. One was The Ivy and Dishroom was the other. I really didn’t fancy The Ivy, it’s had some poor reviews not only from professionals but from someone I know. Other people say it’s all right.

So Dishoom. They’re part of the small plate trend. The restaurant is lovely, all wooden and colonial and comfy. It made me think of a colonial club or railway station, without the oppression and exploitation.



It is populated by young waiting staff which I worry about a bit. Will they be a bit full of themselves being in such a popular restaurant? There’s quite a lot on the menu but not like your usual “Indian”. I struggled to choose though. The waiter said they recommend two or three plates per person. I didn’t fancy this or that and went through all these thought processes and finally I went for the Pau Bhaji which you can see boxed on the menu above and mattar paneer with a roomali roti.



It was pleasant enough, I was not blown away by it. I didn’t like the buns. They’re coated in melted butter. They fell apart so they were a bit too messy and were actually bland. I saw the roti in the little loaf tin and thought “is that it?” but that wasn’t all it was.


The roti was too thin to pick up the curry as it was but I figured out I could double it over and it was then sturdy enough for scooping. The chutneys in the little bowls were great and gave the curries a welcome lift. I wolfed it all down.

I asked a waitress for the cocktail menu and dessert menu. She was lovely and I had a nice bit of interaction with her as she recommended drinks. I chose one called the Rudy Cottonimg_20190115_140209882

It was gorgeous. I kept looking through the menu and found a few other cocktails and such I would have loved.

I also ordered the chocolate fondant. On the menu it came with chilli ice cream, I don’t do chilli so I asked the lovely waitress if I could have the cinnamon ice cream. She said yes and that she preferred that too.



Look at that chocolate pouring out. This was just amazing.  The edge had a great bite to it too. The chocolate and cinnamon went so well together of course.


This was the best part of the meal. I said to the waitress I’d come back for dessert and a cocktail. She said I should take the cocktail menu home.

I paid the bill. I wanted to say bye to the waitress but she was off in the distance and didn’t look in my direction.

I would recommend Dishroom if only for the dessert and cocktails. There are plenty of items on the food menu, something else might be better. I really want to try the bacon naan and sausage naan. They do them with egg too. The chole puri kept catching my eye but I don’t really like puri, bit too oily, makes me nauseous. Wonder if they’d do it with a different bread.

They cater for those with various, genuine allergies and fad dieters.



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