The Fishermans’ Table, Marple

Last Thursday was a strange day. I had a lot on my mind. I needed to do x, y and z and go from here to there then to somewhere else somehow. The somewhere else was Marple.So I started driving to the gym and had to really think about where I was going. It’s a trip I make everyday as work is the same direction but because I was thinking of the next journey I was unsure of the way I was going at the time. Are you confused yet? I bloody was. I had a great gym session.

I wanted to go to Marple because I had a watch on my mind from Paul David Jewellers. I’d phoned them before setting off to check it was still there. It wasn’t a fancy or expensive watch. It was actually one of the cheapest Citizens in the window but it was just the style I like. Simple, classy, vintagey and it had the day and date. I’m not a fan of blingy watches and I wouldn’t buy any designer brands like Hugo Boss or Armani. I also wouldn’t spend £100s on a watch, definitely not £1000s. I’m not into chronometers and those watches with all the dials on them. I asked to try the watch I liked and one next to it because that caught my eye too. Reader I bought both.


My friend’s words were ringing in my ears. She keeps telling me that I work hard and am careful with my money so should just get what I want. I said that to the lady in the shop when I said I’d have both. It’s the one on the left that I had gone for initially. I also said, “Could I be cheeky and try on the Cartier in the window?” She got it out for me. Despite what I said earlier I would love a Cartier watch. Not this one though. It was huge and had a rubber strap.

I walked through the precinct and saw a fish shop that had been closed on the days I’d visited Marple before. In the window was a menu for The Fisherman’s Table. I’d seen this place being set up on my previous visits and had been intrigued. Would it be like Easy Fish Company in Heaton Moor? It was. The fish shop was owned by the guy who had the restaurant and it supplied the fish. I popped over to the restaurant and went in. It’s a pleasant little place The decor is great.



I love the beams and the coppery finishes.

My first question was whether they made their own desserts. They did. The rest of the menu looked pretty good too.


I decided to have a starter and dessert. I chose the chowder and the chocolate tart.


The soup and the croquette were gorgeous. The bread was homemade too. Why can’t I make bread that well?


My first impression was that it was a bit small. The taste was great though. The pastry was so thin and crispy. The caramel hit you in the face and the ice cream was yum. I sat about a bit waiting to ask or the bill. I noticed a dessert go by for another table. Argh! I asked for one.


The panna cotta was nice, though the vanilla seeds had all sunk. The tropical fruit was fantastic, so fresh and flavourful. The tuile was good too.

I saw the mains of other diners and they looked amazing. The fish looked very well cooked, as you would hope. If it wasn’t so out of the way I would go and try other meals on the menu. Really it isn’t that far away though. I travel much further to eat out. I did go to 48 Kitchen And Bar with my mum and student just down the road. There are other places worth revisiting too, see here.

I’d recommend The Fisherman’s Table. I spoke to the fishmonger after and said how good the chowder was. He said people often went in for something light and had that, it was a favourite.  I bought a few fishcakes from him.



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