Roost, Heaton Moor, Stockport


Roost used to be a place called Damson. I was never keen on Damson. It was a fine dining place and served foams, I hate foams, they look like spit. A couple of years ago they closed that, and another Damson, and split the site in two. One room became La Cantina, a tapas place, the other side became Roost. La Cantina is so-so. I wasn’t blown away  with it but it’s popular and gets very busy. Roost is a woodfired pizza, rotisserie chicken and craft beer restaurant. They have an impressive pizza oven. I’ve been before and it was okay. It’s another place I feel a bit uncomfortable in. I feel the staff give certain looks. I get this from a lot of places but I can’t let it stop me from going to them. Maybe it’s the novelty of a lone Indian guy just eating out.

I went here last Saturday after a couple of weeks of being ill. I’d lost a kilo, probably mainly water. It had been my first day at the gym too for two weeks and I hoped I would make it without any tummy issues. I’d seen on FB they had a chorizo pizza with goat’s cheese. They said they could swap out the goat’s for something else. Yay! So I had this pizza on my mind for days. I got there at about 2.30 so hadn’t eaten since about 8am, plus I’d had a gym session. I was hungry AF.

I looked at the menu and checked out the pizza I wanted. I saw that it was a hot (spicy) pizza and had chilli this and chilli that. No thanks. I don’t do chilli. Chorizo doesn’t agree with me as it is without the effects of chilli on top. I love chorizo though. I found a vegetarian pizza with feta, olives and various other things, The Greek.  I went for that. I got a non-alcoholic beer, I was driving.IMG_20181215_151441588

Last time I was here I wasn’t that taken with the crust. This time it looked great and the base was well done, not like a sloppy Neapolitan. The cucumbers actually worked well. So it was a nice pizza. It was very salty though what with all the feta and olives. I think I suffered for a few days after due to this and the dehydration from my illness. I don’t use salt much in cooking and never put extra on my food. My bestie immediately shakes tonnes of NaCl onto any food before even tasting it. I cut the crusts off and saved them for last. Sadly there was nothing to dip them in, olive oil or some such, I didn’t ask either. It was a good sized pizza and cost £8.

Also on FB they showed a honey, cardamom cheesecake. I’d asked if it was baked or unbaked. Unbaked. Hurrah. I don’t generally like baked cheesecake, I find them cloying and claggy. I got it.


I wasn’t sure. It tasted different to the usual. It definitely tasted of honey. The cardamom was subtle but added something. It was nice. The ginger biscuits were a bit too strong for it all. I think they could have been crushed more finely and sprinkled over the plate. The plums were nice, nature’s candy. It cost £4.50 I think.

On previous a visit I bought this.

roost (3)

The Kim Jong Bun. It was lovely. It had kimchi I think and sriracha mayo I think. I also got a rice pudding with plum. It was cold and the plum was hot so it was strange but pretty nice. I like it hot.

I would recommend Roost. They deliver too.

Turns out this is my 50th post! Really?! Doesn’t feel like I’ve written 50.


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