Sugo pasta, Manchester

I think I’d gone to see Widows this day. Excellent film. Bit slow in parts but tense, shocking and sad.

I really wanted to go here. I found The Pasta Factory a bit meh, especially on the dessert front. I interested to see how Sugo compared. They don’t make their own pasta unlike Pasta Factory.

The place is quite nice.

I wasn’t sure where to sit. Should I sit facing the kitchen or with my back to the kitchen? I tend to watch what the chefs do. It’s a bit awkward. I think there was only one Italian, the woman chef.

I saw burrata on one of the dishes so I went for that. Strascinate pomodoro, £11.IMG_20181109_142213700

I think I wanted a bit more buratta. It was fairly nice. I really liked the texture of the orecchiette. It had a density to it, a great bite. It was nice and tomatoey, as you would hope. As I was eating it I smelled fish cooking, mackerel I think, and wished I’d gone for that. Next time.

Dessert is limited but it’s a good selection. I went for pannacotta with plums, £6.


Again the texture was great. It was dense and substantial. The flavour was lovely. The plums were a bit annoying to handle but tasted good and the biscotti was great for dipping in the pannacotta. I asked for decaf coffee but they only had full strength espresso. Nope. I would have been awake all night if I had that.

It’s well worth a visit. Is it expensive? Possibly for what you get.


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