Bundobust Festive Menu

It was a such a lovely day out. Cinema and food. The weather was amazing. It had been so cold the day before but today was surprisingly warm and sunny.

I’d seen the Bundobust Xmas menu on FB and was attracted by the sprout bhajis. I also had a notice of 1/3 off at Grafene. It was still quite expensive there so I settled on Bundo’.

I went to see Aquaman. Twas fantastic. It’s so different to the current Batman and Superman DCEU films. They’re very dark while this is very bright and light, more Marvel then DCEU. Everyone in it was great. I really liked Amber Heard and her character. Jason Mimosa did well. The bad guys were pretty good too. The effects and cinematography were great, some scenes were stunning. There were a few convenient  and “erm, really?”moments. Totally recommended.

Bundobust is so rated. I think it’s okay. It’s fairly tasty, inexpensive and filling.

I was going to get the sprout and something of the main menu but I just went full festive.


The bhajis were okay but you wouldn’t say the sprout flavour hit you. I think a normal onion bhaji would have been better. The jeera rice was nice and the festive curry was okay. It was all good, I wouldn’t rave about it.  It was enough to fill this little body. I then had the ice cream. They don’t do desserts beyond a kulfi and the occasional guest doughnut. I also went for the stollen Christmas cocktail. I had thought about a low alcohol beer which they had on tap or there were a couple of lovely sounding alcohol free bottled beers. I just went for the cocktail.


The cocktail hit me as a bit small. I was expecting one of those big icy glasses. It was nice but didn’t really taste of stollen. Maybe my tastebuds just aren’t good with the nuances of cocktails. The ice cream, from Northern Bloc, was lovely and the portion was great.  A lovely waitress spoke to me for a few seconds about it. Ahh, human interaction, it was nice and also difficult for me. Could I have said more? What could I have said? She said she’d let me get on with my food and that was it. I did say bye to her as I left.

So it was all quite pleasant, nothing mind blowing.

A previous visit.bundabust (2)

Bundo chaat I think. This was nice. If I go again I’ll try paneer kadai because… paneer.




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