The Plaza, Stockport

The Plaza is an Art Deco masterpiece saved from ruin and brought back to life. It is utterly gorgeous.


Built in 1932 as a luxury super cinema with organ accompaniment. It has a stage for concerts and pantomimes. It became a Bingo Hall in the 1960s and they actually protected a lot of the decorations meaning when the building was saved in 2000 it was just a case of removing some panelling to reveal the treasures beneath. There’s a lot more to it than that but essentially that’s what it was.

Today I went to a new cinema/leisure complex in Stockport called Red Rock. The cinema is called The Light Sociable cinema. Red Rock was voted the worst new building in the UK in the Carbuncle Cup 2018. I wasn’t sure about going to the cinema, I didn’t expect too much. It was lovely. The theatre was small but the space was well used. It is better than Home in Manchester. The seats are great. Big and comfy and they extend like Lazyboys. The screen is letterbox and fills the width of the room so it fills you field of vision. I’m such a techy nerd sometimes. I even said to the usher on the way out how great the cinema was. I had gone to see Mortal Engines, fantastic. It was a spectacle and exciting. Some of the characters were irritating but many often are. It went Star Wars-y at the end but it was still great. It was quite long but I only felt that a couple of times. There were a couple of “Really?” moments. “Why did she decide that?” too. I have no pictures.

There is a cafe at the Plaza which I’ve seen mixed reviews for. I popped in to scout it out  a while ago and was stunned. I had planned on having a Cheshire Rarebit, Welsh rarebit made with Cheshire cheese and Old Tom ale, instead of Welsh cheese such as Caerphilly. Of course they had ran out of it. I had to have cake and coffee. They had a little dessert counter with some nice looking goodies. I was taken by a pear and almond tart. I had that and a decaf.


I had asked if it could be warmed and if I could have a little cream. It was lovely and the coffee was pretty nice. What a cute cafetiere. I debated with myself over whether to have more something. I was tempted to have another of those tarts instead I had a coffee and walnut cake. I asked if they made their own cakes. They didn’t, I was a bit disappointed but it was still nice.


Also nice but I wish I hadn’t bought it because I started to feel a bit nauseous. I think it was the buttercream. I keep doing this. I push it by getting the second dessert. I just can’t handle it anymore or at least I can’t handle these sorts of cakes anymore. They do afternoon tea which I was tempted by but I struggle to eat them. I will go back someday to have a savoury.


Beautiful, no? I kept looking at the walls and ceilings.

I would recommend going to the Light cinema and The Plaza. The Plaza has a lot of events, concerts, comedy gigs and it shows old movies too.


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