Marple, walks and eats.

I haven’t been to Marple for nearly 20 years. I went to college hear from 1990 to 1992. I’ve been visiting Marple recently and have had a few great walking and eating experiences, not at the same time though. I just don’t like eating on the hoof. I also took the opportunity to use my new-ish camera.

Marple is 15 minutes, if that, from Stockport. It’s one of those, “oh my god I’m here already!” types of drives. It’s a canal town so you can go for a good walks in several directions on the tow paths. Sadly on most of the days I was there it was grey or wet. I did get a bit of autumn sun and it was lovely.

I was free from about 1045 and most places to eat were open from 1200 so I got to trudge about for at least an hour and a half. Because of the weather I actually didn’t stay out too much and spent more time in the many charity shops and other shops in the town. I love to mooch!

On my first visit I went to Angkor Soul. This a highly rated Cambodian restaurant and I was eager to try it. angkorsoul (5)

This was Cha Mee. It was a huge portion and was great value at £7.50. It looked amazing. It was a bit meh. No flavours stood out.  The nicest thing was the dip in the little bowl. I took half of it home and had it for tea, waste not want not.

There is a sushi take away! It’s called Sushi Haus and is tiny but you can still eat in which is what I did.

sushihaus (4)sushihaus (3)sushihaus (2)sushihaus (1)

It was lovely and the owners were nice. The first picture is unagi and avocado maki. It was okay but was great with the dips. I was a bit disappointed with the amount of eel. The salmon and tuna tempura were pleasant. The chicken gyoza were good, better than Shoryu Ramen in Manchester. The last picture is pickled mackerel and was gorgeous and a freebie. I recommend the place highly. They have a good main menu and the specials board is large. They don’t do dessert.

I headed off to La Dolce Vita for tiramisu.ladolcevita

It don’t look like much but was lovely. The wafer was nice, the coffee was good and the amaretti were gorgeous. I went back here another day for their lunch meal deal which is about £7 for pizza, pasta or risotto.


Vegetarian pizza.


Tartufo Classico.

The pizza didn’t look all that but was lovely. There were plenty of different veggies if a bit too much onion. The tartufo was good, that’s about it. The amaretti were the nicest thing. I would recommend this too. I was thinking of using my one or two words of Italian with the one Italian waiter but I didn’t.

Another day I went to a cafe called All Things Nice.

Coffee and walnut cake and pear frangipane. The cakes were nice, the hot chocolate was terrible. The woman on the next table had meatballs and they looked amazing.

Another day I decided to walk that way, down there and went to Marple Bridge. It was an up and down walk and really worked the glutes. Marple Bridge is a lovely little place. It’s full of pubs and cafes and I was wondering where to do. I went into one place to stake it out and walked on. On the way back there I saw Libby’s Bread And Wine.


I asked if they baked their own stuff. Yes. My eye was drawn to the brownie with mousse.


It was gorgeous. So much so that I got one to takeaway when I left.IMG_20181128_123349627

I then went for this Cauliflower and cheddar (spelt chedder on the board) soup with homemade bread. Gorgeous. I bought a lemon slice after this and felt a bit nauseous. An old woman sat next to me and started a conversation. Nice but also annoying. My soup got cold cause I can’t eat during a conversation. I am always nervous when people start up conversations because they usually say something dickish and I can’t tell them to leave. This woman talked about racist Australians she encountered and how they used the N word about aborigines but she said n….I was going to just write it but I can’t. It was all in context but why say that at all? Apart from that it was all quite interesting but also “Fuck off!”

I kept walking past a place called 48 Kitchen And Bar. It’s a tapas bar. I ended up going with my mum and a student.

We all chose from different menus. The food took forever to arrive. People who came in after us got served before us.The kitchen must have been waiting so they could bring it out at the same time, I’m guessing. The pictures don’t show everything. My tapas was gorgeous. I has croquetas del dia, aubergine rolls and something else. My mum had fish, sea bass I think and the girl had stuffed aubergine. They said they were worth the wait. I picked the wrong dessert, torta de Santiago. It was hard work. The girl had rice pudding which she liked and my mum had brownie which I tasted and was really yummy. I would recommend this place too. They do various meal deals.

Something got me very excited about Marple. The number of bakeries! There is a patisserie called Claudio’s (he’s Italian) and an old fashioned place called G.Archer. There is All Things Nice and Libby’s. There’s also a Gregg’s, of course, and a Greenhalgh’s. For some reason I don’t rate Greenhalgh’s. Snobbiness probably. That’s definitely true for Gregg’s. There’s a celebration cake  shop. If you add Asda’s bakery that’s a heavenly number of sweet dealers.

I visited these every week and spent a lot, filling the freezer when I got home. I also liked one of the women in Claudio’s, a good reason to go anywhere.


On the left is Archer’s and on the right is Claudio’s. Archer’s is big on Japonaise cakes, lots of variations. Their savouries are good, especially the cheese and onion pie. Most of the things I bought over the weeks were lovely though I think I’m glad I’m not going back to Marple again as I was over doing it and was maybe getting ill (I’m ill as I write this with an upset tummy). I still have loads of stuff in the freezer. I will miss the woman at Claudio’s.

I would also recommend a butcher’s called Littlewoods. They do nice sausages and the turkey and venison pie, made inhouse, is fantastic.

I complimented all these places I visited. It was a nice thing to do though I kind of felt awkward doing it for some reason. Do the people feel awkward getting compliments? Do they care?

I visited the old college.


Yep, it’s just been turned into a fancy housing estate. The houses across the road really aren’t as nice. The college was on two sites and the other, down the road, is still going. I keep thinking of looking in the show homes of these new builds but never get the nerve up.

Now for Marple.P1020160IMG_20181017_141958083


The canal and what killed it. This is the tallest masonry arched aqueduct in Britain. A good walk from Marple.

This is the nicest picture I took though.IMG_20181024_144539145

It’s Bagpuss!



  1. […] I saw the mains of other diners and they looked amazing. The fish looked very well cooked, as you would hope. If it wasn’t so out of the way I would go and try other meals on the menu. Really it isn’t that far away though. I travel much further to eat out. I did go to 48 Kitchen And Bar with my mum and student just down the road. There are other places worth revisiting too, see here. […]


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