Feed General Store, Heaton Chapel, Stockport

Another place within easy walking distance of my house. Not that long ago this building was a music store called Alligator Music. I had singing lessons here for about a year. I wanted to strengthen my voice because I’d spent my life not really speaking that much so not exercising my vocal chords. My teacher said I was positive about my singing by the time the place closed. I ended up with a diverse repertoire of a few songs which I can practice. I find it difficult to learn other songs myself so I think I need more lessons.

The building was unloved then the Feed people took it over and really did it up. I don’t have pictures from before.

They do soup, different sandwiches with meats from Littlewoods butchers round the corner who have a great reputation. I think the Where The Light Gets In people had butchery lessons there. They often have a tray of roasted things on the counter. There are some cooked things and salads. There are a couple of veggie and vegan offerings. There is a cake cabinet on the counter with with a selection that changes every day.There’s usually a brownie, a blondie, some little cake and some different flavoured cookies. You can eat in or take out. They sell various provisions like milk, vegetables, jams and chocolate. There are also breads from an artisan bakery. Phew, that’s a lot of stuff.

The owner is a pastry chef. I wish I could do that, work in a cafe making cakes I think might excite the customers and cooking, maybe. It’s less stressful than a full on restaurant. My friend had a sandwich shop/cake decorating business and ended up losing £600 a month. She ended up going to an established cafe just up the road from her old shop. She had a go. I have been too instilled with fear by life to take the leap. It’s crippling. I did do the pastry qualification though and I became an Operating Department Practitioner which is a life and death thing.

I’ve been a few times mainly for cakes which are baked inhouse. This time I went for a fried chicken burger.


It was lovely and filling. There were lots of pickled flavours going on.

For afters I had a blondie, which they do very well, and a hot chocolate. I had asked about what their hot chocolate was. People usually say it’s just powder like Cadbury’s, blegh. The guy picked up a bag of Callebaut couverture. He said they used this and did stuff to it. Great! However it was the basic Callebaut but that’s simply better than most places and they did do stuff to it. For the average punter it would be luxury compared to what you usually get. I’m a chocolatier and chocolate snob. It was still good.



On a previous visit I bought these.

It’s a pistachio  something and a brownie. Yes I had two cakes. Both excellent.

I usually tell the person behind the till how nice the cake was. I think it’s important to say something positive especially about the sweet stuff, being a pastry chef and all. It’s also important to point out negatives. I usually say, “can I give you some feedback?” Mainly something hasn’t got enough of the advertised flavour.

The place is usually busy. Across the road is a cafe that had been recently done up too. I felt sorry for them because they didn’t have the business especially after Feed opened. I didn’t frequent them though as they weren’t my thing. I think they’s closed down now.

I need to visit more and try more things. There’s a mackerel and rhubarb salad I might like. It’s a bit cheaper than the other places I can visit on my walks. I would recommend  going.





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