Tast, Manchester, a little taste

I’d gone to see Ant-man And The Wasp. I enjoyed it more than the first film, it had annoyed me a bit. I think it was because of Wasp having more of a role. It was funny and exciting and had some great action. I’d forgotten Michelle Pfeiffer was in it and was thrilled when she popped up because Michelle Pfeiffer. If you stay through the credits, unlike the idiots who left as soon as they started, you will see an action figure of Michelle and it is awesome. You will also see a scene that it critical to the MCU. I just so annoyed by the people who leave asap. It’s like, “the credits! Aaargh, must get out!” Of course they miss all the really important scenes that set up and connect the movies. People from work went to see Deadpool 2. I started to discuss the in credit scene where Wade goes back and fixes things. She hadn’t seen it. Everyone just walked out as soon as the credits started. A couple of the people think they are real film fans. Pfff, clearly not.  Anyway good film, only slightly annoying.

I was agonising over where to eat after the film, first world problems. I’d seen Tast on Manchester Confidential and the review was great. There were some interesting things on the menu including a duck liver donut. The place is Catalonian and is owned by some football guy called Pep Guardiola and a Michelin starred chef called Paco Perez.

The place is pleasant and bright.

I was a bit unsure of where to sit because of the bench layout. I felt uncomfortable sitting near people in that way. I’d prefer a table of my own. When a family sat next to me later I felt my space was being invaded a bit.


Looks interesting. I wanted to eat cheapish though so I was only going to get some little things. I really wanted the coca de racapte so it was of course not available. The concept is tastet which are meant to be bigger than tapas but smaller the a starter or something like that. I asked if the Duck’in Donut was foie gras. It was. Ermm? I had never had it before. It’s on at Paco’s Michelin starred restaurant so I thought I’d give it a go. I also got the Iberican ham croquette and the chicken croquette. Just one of each. I thought that would be enough.


What the fuck? I tried to keep my face neutral/excited. Tiny, tiny, tiny. The croquettes  were two bite morsels. The ham one was gorgeous. The chicken was a meh. The donut was interesting. It was pretty sweet due to the white chocolate. Lovely. I had to have a dessert.


I find these menus annoying. Too much comma action and often they are in the wrong places. Just describe what it is properly in sentences. I was drawn to the coulant de xocolata. Research revealed this to be chocolate fondant.


It was also quite small. I think it says vogue on the fondant.


Now that is some proper fondant action. It was pretty nice. The white stuff is coconut and was yummy. I might go back for other desserts.

The service wasn’t great. There were a few staff bustling about but that family next to me waited and complained and got free olives. People just seemed to be waiting. The place was not busy at all, at least not downstairs. Upstairs might have been. They were nice though.

It all cost £17! I guess if you buy an actual tapas dish for £5 or £6 you get about 3 pieces of food, I’m thinking meatballs and such, so maybe the price isn’t too bad per croquette. They could be a little bigger perhaps.

Do I recommend it? Just give it a go, the critics seem to like it. Expect to spend.









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