The Allotment vegan restaurant, Stockport. Again.

I went here a few weeks ago so I may not remember it fully. Matt, the owner had put some photos on FB of some desserts. He replied to a comment saying they were probably the best he’s done. I had to go and try them. I had a Saturday of doing things and wanted to fit the visit into the plan.

The day was a bit mixed. There were a couple of nice people that made me feel pleased with humanity. Something else really pissed me off and still makes me angry so many weeks later.

I had to do some roof repairs at my mum’s. I needed a filler of some kind. All I could think of was caulk. I went to B and Q but on the way saw a Screwfix and stopped in there. I asked the assistant for help explaining my repair. A guy next to us overheard and said I needed this special roofing/guttering filler and it was on this page of the catalogue. I thanked him. I bought the filler and thanked the guy again on the way out. I did the repair and set off for Stockport.

The second nice thing was Matt serving me the desserts only. I got to the restaurant and asked if I could just have the desserts. The lovely waitress went to the kitchen to ask. She came back and asked if I was Sudhakar. Yes it was me. She said that was fine. I was shown the menu and was looking only really at the bottom half.


I don’t like squashes, mushrooms or tofu. It’s desserts all the way.

I asked how strong the gin sorbet was. I was driving and I’m a light weight. Someone else also asked later. img_20180721_143757141

It was gorgeous, so refreshing. The bowl was lovely too.


This grilled donut peach. Strangely the peach was the least element of the dish. The ice cream was great. The donut was gorgeous, it reminded me of an Indian sweet.



This was beautiful. The raspberry tuile was great. The almond biscuit was fantastic. Brill.


Great presentation. These truffles were amongst the best I’ve had, especially the plain one. Good texture and flavours.

They do a smaller set menu too. I would recommend going.

I don’t think they would do the desserts for just anyone, he knows that’s what I like and I kind of arranged it.

Being a Saturday I went for a wander round the shops, mainly the charity shops. Something else I love doing. I noticed a new bakery called the Hillgate Cakery which I may visit. My friend also bakes far a cafe just up the road from there. I didn’t buy from either.


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