Thom’s Cafe, Heaton Moor, Stockport

As part of my exercise routine I like to go for a walk when I can, on my days off when I’ve got no other plans. My usual route is down to Heaton Moor and back. According to my pedometer it’s about 5 miles. The area is gorgeous. The houses, the greenery, the shops. Unfortunately/fortunately there are also several decent places to eat en route. I have mentioned a few of them in previous posts. It’s usually hard to resist seeing what’s being served up. It means I have to not eat anything else later. I walk past Thom’s and keep looking at the menu. I was always doubtful about the place. It looked pleasant but there was something about it, I say this about most of the places I visit.  I am very self-conscious and often some shit thing happens or so it seems. I expect someone to say or do something, it’s not a great way to live.

Thom’s does pizza in an Italian pizza oven. There is another place 5 minutes away that also wood fired pizza too. A few doors down there is another bar that does pizzas, there is a takeaway pizza place and three Italian restaurants. I wasn’t expecting too much.

I had already chosen the pizza after looking at the website. Chicken pesto, sans mushroom, I hate mushroom.img_20180715_135726795

It looked great. It had a fully crisp base. The taste was good. The chicken had a strong flavour which I had to get used to, good quality I suspect. You get so much bland chicken about.  The tomato sauce was strong and tasted a bit like soup in places, nice. The pesto wasn’t that strong. The cheese was good. I love rocket. By the time I’d finished I thought it was great. Strange how you can get into a meal. I would go back and try another flavour.

They have homemade puddings. I didn’t get one. Instead I got a piece of the homemade carrot cake on the counter.


It was huge! “Oh my god!” I exclaimed with a big smile on my face. It was among the best carrot cakes I’ve eaten. The icing was yummy.

I spent ages in there, so it seemed.   I thought they might ask me to leave. They didn’t, there was no impatience. I was going to go walking further away instead I rolled myself home, I was so full up. It was sweltering and I peeled my clothes off when I got home and put on shorts.

It was a nice couple of hours, a pleasant surprise.


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