Tariff and Dale, Foundation Coffee, Manchester.

My plan was to see Sicario 2 then go to somewhere for food. I had Foundation Coffee on my mind as it was next to The Real Camera Company where I also wanted to go. I’d seen something so tempting at Foundation. I also realy wanted to go to Tariff And Dale. I’d been past it a lot, read the menu board and even been in to ask about desserts. Frank About Foods put a review of it up and that made me want to go more.

Sicario 2 was quite good. It’s really violent and I was tense for most of it waiting for characters to get shot, usually in the head. It’s worth a watch.

After,  I went for a wonder round the Northern Quarter to places I go to a lot. I went to Richard Goodall Gallery and looked at the amazing artwork. There are quite a few, “fucking hell, how much!” items. There’s one especially that I actually really like but it’s £600 and I’m thinking “that can’t be right”/”seriously!” I like going to art shops and I often wonder how many of these things get bought. The most I’ve spent is £250 and that was with a huge reduction.


My living room is like a gallery itself. I’ve bought so many pictures generally for only a few pennies or pounds or even Euros. Some are pictures from wall calenders. The most expensive bit is getting them framed. A Euro1.50  print in a £25 frame. I had four of these from a shop in Paris by Notre Dame. You could of course buy ready made ones but I get mine made. My main love is art nouveau, especially Mucha.

There is a craft centre in the Northern Quarter that is well worth visting too. I was in Poynton and there is  this place.


There are some stunning and cute things here. Visit charity shops and house clearance shops for a great and very cheap selection of wonderful things.

I’m running out of wall space.

But I digress. I went to The Real Camera Company and ended up getting a macro lens. I stood there for ages umming and ahhing over whether to buy it. I left then I went back and bought it. I just have this thing about macro photos, all those close ups of insects and plants and textures etc.

But I digress, again. Back to the food. I went to Tariff And Dale. It’s nice in there. The menu is interesting and there are some enticing cocktails. I was going for a pizza but saw on the menu they did pizzetta. Should I get two littles or one big? What about dessert? They do a whiskey chocolate tart. I chose the Margharita pizzetta and said I might get another one after.


It had a nice sourdough tang. It was crispy along the whole length. After so many sloppy Neapolitan pizzas this was so different.  It was nice but nothing mind-blowing.  It was only about £5 too. It was just enough so I didn’t get anything else in terms of food. I did however get this.


A Rhubarb and Violet Collins. A Tom Collins is made with gin but this was vodka. Gin gets me down. It went down very quickly.

Across the road I saw Idle Hands coffee shop. I had a look in. On the counter there was a selection of pies and cakes. The pies were still in tins and they were clearly homemade. I was tempted to stay there but Foundation was calling, they had coffee soft serve and their hot chocolate was actual chocolate.

The ice cream was gorgeous. The chocolate was nice, not as good as Albert’s Schloss. Bonbon Boutique is the best though, when they have a shop.

I think the woman on the next table was looking at me. As I walked out I looked at her and she turned in her chair to look at me, I think. She was probably waiting for someone and happened to look out for them at that moment.





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