Grafene reborn. British tapas in Manchester

This is a visit from a few months ago so I can’t remember many details but it is worth shouting aboot.

I used to go here a lot. I have a post from Xmas. Their food was good, their afternoon tea was reasonably priced, the place itself was lovely, I liked one of the waitresses, the pastry chefs and the manager. I went back earlier this year. The waitress had left, the head chef had changed, the manageress had left, the menu had changed, they didn’t do afternoon tea anymore but the passtry chef was still there. I don’t know if she is there now, she was sad the afternoon tea had gone. Since the changes they have won awards. Bit of a kick in the teeth for the previous head chef I think.

Grafene now does British tapas.


It’s great value. I went for the £25 option. I wanted the desserts. I chose the mussels because curry, the salt cod and the chicken.

As with tapas it comes out as it’s cooked rather than waiting for you to finish each dish. It was generally gorgeous. I think a couple of elements were disappointing, maybe to do with it being lukewarm. I sorely needed a small spoon or more bread for the sauces. By the way, from past experience, the bread is worth having.

I didn’t really fancy the cereal dessert so I went for the rice pudding and the brownie.

I’ve had the brownie bowl before, I was a little disappointed because it was so tiny for the price. Strangely this time I loved it. The rice pudding was great.

There is an offer for bottomless tapas on Sunday as well as Sunday roast. Just looked at the website and their prices have gone up to £20 for 3 and £30 for 5 and it has different dishes on the menu. I would definitley go for this option, it’s otherwise fine-dining and quite expensive in my eyes.

To finish I had this passionfruit brulee cocktail. Here’s a picture of their bread.



  1. I absolutely love this place! I’ve been twice to sample to different tasting menus and I loved them both… looks like we have had a couple of the same dishes. I’ve never tried their cocktails, but as you say their bread is rather fab! Thanks for this post, I really enjoyed reading it.

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