A Trip to Liguria

In April we went to a place called Bordighera which is on the coast near the border with France. We could see Monaco from the promenade. It is a gorgeous little place. We stayed at the Hotel Lucciola, it was basic and okay. I was so excited about the food and especially the pastries. We went to lots of restaurants and cafes and ate loads. I had try and go for as many walks as I could to work it off. I didn’t put on any weight though I did get to the gym a lot when I got back just to make sure.

We flew to Nice and got picked up by our friend. The drive to Bordighera was great. The scenery and the towns and all that aesthetic stuff.

We were there for 5 days. Most days we went to other towns whether with our friends or by ourselves on the train. The weather was changeable and it wasn’t that warm. Most days we were wrapped up. A couple of days had t-shirt weather. Overall it was pleasant.

The food. Last time I was in Italy, 13 years ago, I don’t think I was that impressed by the food. This time I generally was. We ate a lot.

We seemed to end up in Panificio Sant’Antonio because it was open all day. Proper restaurants close at about 2.30pm so all you have are bakeries and cafes.

The main woman seemed to take a shine to me and gave me larger portions. The lasagne and that pie were gorgeous.

Our friends took us to a very popular Neapolitan pizza place. We ate so much!

The mixed seafood was gorgeous. The pizzas were huge and tasty.

A short walk up the hill was Bordighera Alta. A little maze of a place with a ridiculous number of restaurants packed in it. It was gorgeous and great for practising photography. Not great if you struggle to walk like my mum as there were a lot of stairs.

We went ourselves one day and popped into a eatery. I wanted dessert.

The dessert was disappointing. The drink called Amaro was made by the owner’s mother. It was gorgeous. My mum had stuffed vegetables which were yummy. One night we were taken to another restaurant here fo a proper meal.

This was gorgeous. My rabbit stew was great. The dessert was fantastic. I wanted one of those dessert shovels. My mum said her fish stew was a bit overdone, the fish was hard.

We went to a town called Alassio. What a gorgeous place. It was a very sunny day. There were a lot of shopping opportunities at least until the shops closed at about 12 or 1pm. So annoying. We got a snack at a place that caught my eye.

If I ran a cafe it might look like this. The cioccolata calda (hot chocolate) was the best I had on the holiday and I had a lot of them.

OUr final meal was at a fancy looking place I’d spotted near our hotel. It was on a street of boutiques. It was called Chez Louis and used to be quite famous in the area. On the menu board outside I’d spotted millefoglie and wanted it.

This was the best meal we had. The kitchen was very accommodating as my mum was fussy. I just eat most things. The pictures aren’t very good sadly. The bread was good, the beer was great. My seafood pasta was stunning. The millefoglie was disappointing in the end. My mum’s cheesecake was fantastic. The meringues and biscuits were yummy.

All the places we visited killed me because there were bakeries everywhere. I wished I could work in one.

I love, love, love a market. There were a few. The best was on our way home in a place called Ventimiglia.

I would recommend a visit to this part of the Italy. You can pop over to Monaco which we did for a few hours. Cannes isn’t too far away. The French train people were striking so it was a bit difficult to do some things.

My haul.


Yes I got a shovel. In Ventimiglia I saw a stall with kitchen equipment. In a tray of teaspoons there was one dessert shovel. I got it. I like owls and chocolate and I got an implement for eating dessert.



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