Teacup Kitchen, Manchester. Afternoon tea

Last week I got a new phone, a Moto G5. I’m really pleased with it. The day I got it however was so frustrating as I tried to set it up and more importantly tried to get an ebook app. I used to have Bookviser on my Nokia. It’s only for Windows phones so I was downloading and deleting this app and that app. I eventually settled on Wattpad. The book I picked was “The Portrait Of A Lady” by Henry James. BBC Radio 4 are doing a season of his books. I knew this book had the line about afternoon tea but I didn’t realise it was the very first line.

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”

Honestly it annoyed me reading this line and the history of the Duchess of Bedford on, seemingly, every afternoon tea blog post. Now I was living it and I thought I had to get that sentence into my post.

I had gone to see The Avengers: Infinity War. Twas excellent, on the whole. A real spectacle. The ending was sad and someone was crying in the theatre. I thought some of the humour was forced, laboured and unnecessary.

I was agonising over where to eat out. Pizza, dessert, afternoon tea? Which restaurant? I plumped for Teacup Kitchen but I was a bit apprehensive. There is something about the place I’m not sure about. The place, the clientele, something. It’s one of those places that does the giant cakes with tonnes of buttercream that are often dry and too sweet. I had to try it though, because.

It’s actually nice inside.



I asked for the afternoon tea and was given a table in the middle of the window. Aaargh! I asked for another table. I was even tempted to leave. It was too conspicuous and exposed, it made me a bit anxious. The guy said I could go to another table later so I stayed. I sat with my back to the window. I fired up the phone and read the Henry James line.

My tea arrived with a timer. It’s the thing to do these days. Of course it times the minimum brew time so the first cup is how it’s meant to be then the rest are a bit stewed. I chose cacao vanilla. It was yummy but I didn’t get the cacao.


My afternoon tea arrived.


Erm… Oh my gods! Clearly they had given me a tea for 2. I think a one person tea would be pretty generous. The waitress said I could box what I didn’t manage. I later asked if I had ordered for one. I had and the chef mistakenly gave a double but I was only being charged for one. It does look great.

The savouries were amongst the best I’ve had. Well filled and tasty. There was salmon and prawn, ham, brie and tomato and a kitsch,  quiche. Gorgeous. The waitress said because they don’t do that many of them they were made there and then.  I was the only afternoon tea there.

Scones next.


Yes they are heart shaped. They were okay if a bit dry and crumbly. The clotted cream was a bit tasteless. The jam was great. In combination it was all okay.

The sweets seemed very sweet. The lemon meringue was nice. The carrot cake was good. The yellow macaron was okay. The white cake was okay. The brownie was fine.  I didn’t eat the rainbow cake. Even though I use colours in cake decorating there’s something about this cake that I just don’t take to. With the cakes I left the outer layer of buttercream, it was just too much. I took everything else home, enough for another afternoon tea. I thought about taking it to work the next for lunch afternoon tea. I didn’t.

Afterwards I went to The Richard Goodall art shop a couple of doors down.

I loved all these, especially the Ponyo, Kiki’s and Jessica Rabbit. However I really fancied the Akira and the Aliens. I bought Aliens. It looks fantastic all framed up and glazed.

It was an expensive day.

Overall I would recommend the afternoon tea. It cost £18. You should also go to the art shop.


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