Hilton Double Tree, Manchester. Afternoon Tea.

IT was a Sunday and my plans were thrown out. I wanted to go to Grafene for their new British Tapas menu. It turned out not to be on though the website said it was. I had wanted to go to the Double Tree too but on Wednesday. I booked the Hilton. I also wanted to go to see The Shape Of Water. It wasn’t showing till 1215. I don’t like going at that time as I usually fall asleep. I hadn’t slept well and I would have to survive on my small breakfast till 3 o’clock! First world problems. I had a hot chocolate before leaving home and that kept me going. I was on call too so I was on alert for my phone going off, on vibrate of course.

SPOILERS. The film was fantastic. Sally Hawkins was a sweet lead. Michael Shannon’s character was a total arse. Octavia Spencer’s character annoyed me a bit because it seemed to be that 50’s stereotype almost like Mammy Two Shoes from Tom And Jerry. Maybe she was deliberately done that way. The film was full of period issues and stereotypes. She was a good otherwise. Doug Jones was great. I was a bit shocked by the nudity, mainly Sally Hawkins though Michael Shannon does have a sex scene, as it is rated 15 here. Sally had  some full frontal and masturbation scenes. It’s amazing to me what is now in certificate 15 films, the sex, nudity and also the gore. There’s nothing wrong with it, it just surprises me.  Back in my day this would have been rated an 18, I think. Anyway go and see it. I did not fall asleep.

I got to the Hilton. The restaurant has recently been refurbished and is called Store Street Exchange. It’s all to do with the coming of the railway to Manchester. It’s mainly a meat place, specifically rotisserie chicken.

Looks nice.  It was quiet at that time with only a few table taken. A waitress took my order.


After a while the stand arrived.


The picture isn’t great. I need a new camera I think. I had other pictures that were even blurrier. It looked a bit sparse on the sandwich front. With the scones the thought I had was “misshapen homunculus'”. The patisserie looked great.

The sandwiches were lovely. The pancake had brie and a spicy salsa. I had a couple of bites and scraped off the salsa. The brie and pancake were lovely. The salsa was great and had a good kick but it overpowered the brie. The ham sandwich was nice. The chicken caesar salad sandwich was yummy and well filled.

The scones were a bit different.

They were a bit off white. They were amongst the best scones I’ve ever had. The cream was a bit bland. The jam I think was homemade and was fantastic. It all worked together. The plain scone was misshapen enough for me to slice it into three. I asked for an extra scone but they only made enough for the bookings. The manager was very apologetic.

Some of the patisserie.

The chocolate mousse cake was stunning. Everything else was great too. There was another purple macaron.

I told the lovely manager about the scones and said it was a lovely afternoon tea overall. We had a nice chat for a few minutes and she asked me for afternoon tea recommendations in Manchester. She had to go and deal with a group that had just been seated. Damn. As I went out I said bye to her and the other waitresses that served me. My first waitress was middle eastern I think. After serving she would do that gesture of touching her heart and giving a slight bow. Cute but it seemed strange in this setting.

I would recommend this a lot. It’s cheaper than Cloud 23.  I’ve not been there but people who have haven’t rated it. I rate Store Street. I’m tempted to go back for dessert, chocolate fondant and ice cream, or even a main.




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