Great John Street Hotel afternoon tea.


This place used to be a school, part of the university I think. My bestie says her friend used to teach hear many years ago so some of the rooms have school related names. It is an unassuming frontage, inside is very different. It is a hotel and they do a lot of weddings and one of my friends had her reception here.

I would have similar decor if I could.

We got there at 12 and there was no one else there. The waitresses were setting places at every table so it was going to fill up.

The tea arrived in parts as there were a lot of items.

The crockery was cute and mismatched.

The sandwiches arrived.DSC04342

A good selection. They were gorgeous mainly. I found the cucumber and mint didn’t work. The ham and mustard was too mustardy for me. My friend who lots hot food loved it. The chicken sandwich was glorious. I wanted more. A guy on another table also asked for a refill of these. I didn’t ask for seconds initially but wa given the option. The salmon was yummy and the egg mayo was great. The bread was fantastic, so soft and thick.

Our sweeties were brought over.


Wow. What an amazing stand. Overall it was gorgeous. There was carrot cake, cheesecake, macarons, blackberry panacotta, scones, syphilis, physalis and redcurrants strewn liberally hear and there. I never used to like syphilis , physalis but I’ve got into them but they are an acquired taste. The clotted cream was okay and there was just the right amount. I usually think there is too much and I feel I have to use it all up and I end up so full and a bit nauseous. The jam, above, looked homemade and was gorgeous. There was some left at the end which I ate with a spoon. In the end I did ask for an extra chicken mayo sandwich it was so yummy.

The staff were great. They are so stylish in their uniforms that look like business suits.  They  were attentive and helpful mainly though I did have to go out and attract someone a couple of times. They mainly seemed to be lovely Eastern European waitresses. Where would the industry be without them? Clearly the natives aren’t filling the roles if they can get so many jobs.

When we arrived it was a bit cold in the room. I asked if they would turn the temp up and they happily did so.  Once it had warmed up it was very comfortable. Speaking of comfort, my friend has a bad back and I was worried about the seating. She said it was perfect. The chairs and the tables were just the right height. Some of the other settings might not have been.

The food was brilliant, the setting fantastic, and I recommend the afternoon tea highly.

They have a normal menu which looked quite nice, though not extensive, and was reasonably priced.



  1. Sounds like a really nice place and like you had a great time. I’ve been to Manchester many times but have only ever had afternoon tea once (at the Midland). I’ve been thinking of revisiting Manchester, and if I get around to it, this place would be on my go-to list.

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      • I read it right after the Great John Street one! I was desperately trying to think back to the tea I had there, the only things I remember are that it was served in the hotel bar (seems they didn’t have that tea room back then) and that I would have preferred more sweet stuff (cause I do like the sandwiches but I don’t like salmon, and salmon always seems to be served for afternoon teas…). Looks like I do indeed need to revisit Manchester and check it out again 🙂

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