Albert’s Schloss Manchester, a review.

There are so many January restaurant offers on for the post Xmas lull. A few websites like Manchester Confidential have lists of them all. Many places are doing 50% off, I had to take advantage. I’d been to Albert’s last year for their 50% off so was eager for this year’s offer. I was going to make a day of it.

I decided what film I was going to see. “The Disaster Artist” was my choice. The evening before I booked Albert’s for breakfast and lunch or so I thought. I got to Albert’s for breakfast and they didn’t have my reservation. I checked on my lunch table and they didn’t have that either. I hadn’t looked at my email for a confirmation. The waitress said I could still have the offer and she booked me in for lunch. Great. I was taken to my table and asked about the pastries. The waiter said, “dark chocolate and hazelnut cruffin,” and I heard nothing else. “The first one,” I said.

albertsschloss (5)

Impressive. It was lovely. So light and flaky, a bit messy, lots of licking chocolate of my fingers. It was also lacking something. Dichotomous pastry. See the pastry at the end which wasn’t lacking.  I had a black coffee with a bit of brown sugar. I really love their coffee, I don’t know why, it’s just coffee. It comes in a lovely glass. I finished it and had a pot of tea too.

Now, at home earlier I’d had a small cup of hot chocolate. Literally a little chunk of a Willie’s Cacao 72% bar  in hot water. Yummy. I just had a coffee and a tea. The caffeine and sugar hit me. My heart pounded a bit. I felt hot and hyper and jittery but also happy, possibly delerious. Strange.

I went to the cinema across the road. The film was great. Oddly while I was watching it I was thinking of walking out, it was just so cringey. In the end it was brilliant. You have to stay for a post credit scene. Everyone had left by then. Something I just realised is that if the credits start and the lights come up then you can probably go. If it stays dark then there is more. I need to see if it’s true. Something I find really stupid is when people leave as soon as the credits start on superheroe movies. Are these people fans? Surely you should know there are likely to be post credit scenes. They even manage to get out before the mid-credit scene. Often these are really crucial scenes or they’re just funny and cute. Anyway I left the cinema with a big smile on my face, a mixture of the film, the caffiene and sugar. My heart still felt a bit funny.

I went back to Albert’s. I was worrying that I wouldn’t get the 50% deal because of earlier. I checked with the waiter. I got the menu but I had a vague idea of what to have. I had a definite idea of what dessert I was going to have. I didn’t have a starter and went straight for an Alpine pizza.

albertsschloss (6)

It looked spectacular. It also looked a bit greasy on the crust, it wasn’t though so don’t worry if you get this. The beer was a basic pilsner. The pizza had burrata, the main reason I bought it. I loves it so. There was also spinach, sundried tomatoes onion and a couple of other things. It was yummy. The base was great too. It was quite hard to cut though. The fries were mainly great. I hadn’t ordered them and thought they came with the pizza but no, they were extra. I only ate a few because I needed to leave room for dessert. This dessert.

albertsschloss (7)

A baked Alaska. I’d read a review the night before by Jay Raynor. He raved about this. It was a great review generally and worth a read, after you finish this one. His is in a different league being a pro’ and all.

albertsschloss (8)

It was utterly gorgeous. The meringue was great. The gelato was stunning, so smooth. The biscuit base was great. The raspberry coulis was so flavourful. I have to say though, shockingly, there was too much of it!? It ended up being joyous hard work to get through. I should have eaten fewer fries.

I asked for the dessert menu. Yes I did just write I’d struggled to finish the Alaska. I’m a glutton.

albertsschloss (9)

I didn’t fancy the mousse even though it was chocolate. Don’t like marmalade. Iwent for the ollie bollen.

albertsschloss (10)

They were yummy. They weren’t very well filled though so that was a little disappointing.

After a couple of hours I’d finished. I wanted to buy some bread so I said I’d pay for my food and then buy it because I didn’t think it would be included. The waiter said he’d just add it to the bill. Fantastic! I think there was something wrong with the bill. Because I was extremely full, hyper and a bit tipsy I didn’t see what it was exactly. I did notice I’d saved £13 so it cost £18 with the drink and I left £20. What was the £5? I had asked for half a pint, did I get a full pint? Don’t know. Anyway it was great despite that.

This is the bread.


It’s a beautiful bit of bread. I’ve made some lovely sandwiches with it.

Here is a previous breakfast I’ve had.

The kronut was stunning. Even the biscuit with the coffee was gorgeous.

I’d recommend Albert’s Schloss highly. They do a lunch offer if you don’t get the January offer.



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